Fair View United Methodist ChurchWalk with God ...he knows the way!

Walk with God ...he knows the way!

Welcome to Fair View United Methodist Church

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Fair View is a community oriented church with a rich history spanning over 100 years. If you are searching for a vibrant church with a caring and loving congregation, come worship with us. Dress is casual.

Visit us on Sunday morning at either the contemporary service at 9am or traditional service at 11am. We will welcome you with open arms.

“To invite, to receive, and to
nurture all people in our growing community to a fuller
understanding and loving relationship
with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”

~ Fair View’s Mission Statement~

Worship Services Sunday (AM): 

9:00  RISE Praise Service
10:00 Sunday School
11:00  Traditional Worship

Wednesday (PM):

5:45  Fellowship Meal 

6:30 Programing for all ages
(Programing is off until fall)

7:30  Choir Rehearsal year round with a break for the month of July
The United Methodist Church has a diverse membership, with no formal or required religious practice. We focus on adherence to doing good works with others in the community to reach a greater level of satisfaction with themselves and their lives and to open themselves to religious spirituality.

We do not seek to recruit members from other denominations or faiths. We are reaching out to men and women who feel unfulfilled, and, who may find participating in our church a way to meet the need everyone has for being more satisfied in more aspects of their lives. We are family oriented and offer a wonderful Sunday School program.

Happenings at Fair View …......………. click HERE

If you want to know what activities are at Fair View click above and also check the Newsletter.

A Serendipity!

As you know from my classes and my preaching, I am convinced that in God’s love we learn to love, respect, and honor ourselves before we can offer these things to anyone else. We are given these principles of character when we recognize and know that God’s love for us, fulfilled in the work of Jesus Christ, clearly shows that we are of infinite value to our Creator and Redeemer. If I do not have personal understanding of what it means to love, respect, and honor myself, it is almost impossible to have these thoughts and feelings for others because I cannot give you what I do not have.

I am directing my studies toward a summer preaching series on “Happiness.” I am reading books and articles that approach happiness from the position of the faithful as well as the secular perspective. One book,
Telling Yourself the Truth, has a particularly thoughtful paragraph,

“Frequently, God’s will for you will require that you consider your own needs first and set aside the wishes of others. There were times when Jesus put His own needs for rest and food ahead of ministering to others. If you try to neglect yourself and your own needs (unless your are under direct instructions from the Lord), you will court spiritual and psychological troubles. Being cruel to yourself is not necessarily holy. Jesus did repentance for you on the cross. You’re now free to live in love, receiving as well as giving.” (p. 113)

This advice runs contrary to much of what we hear. Often, well intended people tell us that the needs of others always come before our own. Soon we deplete our re-sources for helping anyone and become totally dependent upon others for our own wellbeing. One moves from being a person providing help for others to being an individual who is dependent upon the kindness of folks for basic existence.

Scripture encourages us to love one another, to give and share and forgive, to be kind and generous. But nowhere do I find self-hatred or demeaning behavior and example for the life of faith in Christ Jesus. When my opinion of myself stinks, how can I expect anyone to treat me with consideration and respect?

Loving yourself is not vanity. It is evidenced in integrity, self respect, and wisdom. It also carries a better understanding of the noble nature of true humility! God has designed and created you. You can love yourself and then you can love others authentically!

Best of all, God is with us,
Pastor, Dr David Calhoun

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The Fair View Scholarship Committee will be awarding one or more scholarships next year to a student who is presently enrolled in or will be attending a United Methodist College in the Western North Carolina Conference or one of the 17 colleges and universities of North Carolina University System. The application is due back to the church by May 1, 2014. The scholarship(s) will be awarded before the end of the 2014-2015 school year.

here for application
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Playground Open to Community

"If you like our playground you will love our church!"

The Betty Apgar Memorial Playground is open!

Many folks in the community have explored the unique features the playground has to offer. This project started over 4 years ago as a vision of two church trustees, Elaine Willeford and David Caldwell, as a visible celebration of the late Betty Apgar's life as children’s advocate and educator.
A Duke Endowment grant supplemented the church's fundraising activities and contributions of volunteer labor to construct the playground.

When you visit the playground, feel free to park in the church's south parking lot or the gravel area beside the large oak trees. We hope you visit the playground often -
and please play safely!

New mulch was added April 12, 2014


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