A Word from the Pastor

Dear Friends and Family,

As summer concludes and the fall season approaches, I am glad to see more of our people returning from vacation and I am hopeful that our attendance and giving will improve in the months ahead. I have been engaged in a good bit of personal ministry recently; conducting an out of town wedding, facilitating a recent funeral, making hospital and homebound visits, connecting with visitors, and engaging some individuals in counseling. All along the way, I think seriously about how I represent you, the good people of Fair View United Methodist church. Further, you join me in representing Jesus Christ in all interactions. As a result of prayer and conversation with some of you, I am feeling led by the Spirit to offer something new.

I am excited about initiating the Covenant Discipleship Group (CDG) to our church. The CDG will meet weekly guided by the general rule of discipleship “To witness Jesus Christ in the world and follow his teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship, and devotion under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.” The response so far has been fantastic. I was hoping to have enough interest to have one group and we already have a Wednesday morning (8:00am) group that is full. I am also offering a Monday 5:30pm group that is nearly full. Additionally, several people are interested in participating in the future and have asked me to keep them in mind for next year. My prayers have been answered! Amen!

I will be working with out Lay Leadership committee soon as we begin the task of serving volunteer leadership for all the committees and ministry groups in the church. Please pray for us as we begin this work. Further, all our committees will be involved in preparation for our charge conference that will be sometime in November.

September has two special Sundays. September 8th is our Heritage Sunday and folks are working on a special emphasis during worship and our luncheon at noon.

September 29th is a 5th Sunday, and we will have one service at 10:00am. Our District Superintendent, Rev. David Hockett, will be our guest preacher. Our youth ministry is hosting a fundraising luncheon after the September 29th service.

God is at work for our good!

Pastor Brian C. Allen