Fundraising Policy & Application

Fair View United Methodist Church Fundraising Policy and Procedures

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1. Overview

Fair View United Methodist Church has an established budget that is prepared by the Finance Committee with input from staff members and committee chairpersons and approved by the Church Council in the fall of each calendar year. From time to time, individual committees or groups desire to have additional funds for various activities or ministries that are not included in the budget.  Fundraising activities need to be presented to the Finance Committee, Trustees, and Church Council and approved prior to initiation. The reason for such request submission is to ensure alignment with the mission of Fair View United Methodist Church, avoid conflict with building/grounds use, and garner support from the congregation as a whole.


2. Responsibility

The Finance Committee and Trustees are responsible for overseeing and approving all fundraising efforts of authorized church committees or groups, scheduling and controlling the dates, times, places and number of fundraisers, maintaining a master calendar of currently approved fund raisers, and administering a process for collecting and accounting for the use of all money raised through fundraisers. Fund raising reports will be presented to Church Council on a monthly basis. The Finance Committee may delegate specific aspects of fundraising oversight to staff or committees, as deemed appropriate.

Groups or individuals requesting permission to sponsor fund raising activities are expected to complete the Fair View United Methodist Church Fund Raising Application Form and submit this form to the Chairperson for the Committee on Finance at least two months prior to the potentially scheduled date for the activity or event.

3. Policy

3.1       All fund raisers must reflect and relate to the principles and purposes of the United Methodist Church and serve the mission of Fair View United Methodist Church

3.2       All fund raisers are to be conducted for the benefit of Fair View United Methodist Church, its ministries, clubs or causes approved by the Church.

3.3       Individuals who own and/or operate a home-based business, e.g., Avon, Pampered Chef, or benefit personal gain or profit from the fund raising will not be approved, even if a percentage of the profits are designated for the Church.

3.4       The number and frequency of all fund raisers shall be limited at the discretion of the Finance Committee to avoid excessive and frequent financial demands on the Church members.

3.5       Fund raisers shall be limited to a specific time interval.

3.6       Fund raisers can be used only to support currently existing funds and not to supplant funds.

3.7       Fund raising requests do not carry over from one year to the next.

3.8       Individuals or groups conducting monetary fundraisers must provide a report back to the Finance Committee on a quarterly basis detailing the information below at the completion of the fundraiser. Where multiple fund raisers are needed to finance an activity or event, cumulative totals should be submitted to the Finance Committee.

            a.  Total items sold and/or total money collected

            b.  Total expenses, if any, for the fund raiser

            c.   A specific listing of how much and where the profits were used.

4. Procedure

4.1        A Fair View United Methodist Church Fund Raising Application must be completed and submitted to the Committee of Finance Chairperson prior to the regularly scheduled Finance Committee meeting on the third Tuesday of each month.

4.2       The Finance Committee will review the request at the next Finance Committee meeting after receipt of the request.

4.3       After the Finance Committee has voted on a proposal a response will be prepared and provided to the contact person listed on the application.

4.4       The following criteria shall be considered when evaluating a fund raising proposal:

            a. Compliance with the Fund Raising Procedures and Policy

            b. Time elapsed since the last fund raiser by the same applicants or for the same purpose.

            c. Time elapsed since the last fund raiser at the Church.

d. Time between the proposed fund raiser and any regularly scheduled or previously approved 

     fund raiser.

e. Degree of alignment with the mission of the Church

f.  The impact of the fund raiser on the church’s facilities and grounds

g. Potential interference with other church activities

4.6       Handling of monetary funds:

a. All checks written should be written to Fair View United Methodist Church or the appropriate                   Church organization. (No checks should be written to individuals)

b. All money (cash and checks), collected weekly, must be placed in the safe or given to the Fair View United Methodist Church Administrative Assistant for data entry into the appropriate account .  It will be deposited each Monday with regular Sunday contributions.

c. All expenses must be drawn from the appropriate account

d. No expenses shall be paid out of “cash received” (no petty cash expenses)

e. Any cash advance (seed money) must be approved by the Finance Committee

f. The UMW maintain their own records and are exempt from this requirement.

g. All income and expenses must be documented in writing and available for review by the Finance Committee Chairperson at any time.

4.7       All expenses must be paid through written invoices or a written request to the Church Treasurer           

4.8       Expenses may only be paid from the designated account identified in Fair View United       Methodist Church Fund Raising Application Form

4.9       Private donations must be ear marked by the donor for the specific fund raising activity/event

Adapted from an online policy for Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Stafford, Virginia


Rev. 1 Approved by Church Council on March 17, 2016.