Fair View United Methodist Scholarship



The Fairview United Methodist Church Scholarship was established under the will of Elizabeth D. Knox, a life-long member of Fair View United Methodist Church. 


The purpose of the Fairview United Methodist Church Scholarship is to provide scholarships for deserving college or university students pursuing a degree at any of the United Methodist affiliated colleges in the Western North Carolina Conference or to any college in the University of North Carolina system including students enrolled and/or attending a Community College that is part of the North Carolina Community College System. Check nccommunitycolleges.edu for a complete list of NC community colleges.

Eligible Institutions

United Methodist Affiliated Colleges in the Western North Carolina Conference

  • Brevard College (Brevard, NC)

  • Bennett College (Greensboro, NC)

  • Greensboro College (Greensboro, NC)

  • High Point University (High Point, NC)

  • Pfeiffer University (Misenheimer, NC)

Colleges in the University of North Carolina System

  • Appalachian State University, (Boone, NC)

  • East Carolina University (Greenville, NC)

  • Elizabeth City State University (Elizabeth City, NC)

  • Fayetteville State University (Fayetteville, NC)

  • NC Agricultural and Technical State University (Greensboro, NC)

  • North Carolina Central University (Durham, NC)

  • NC State University (Raleigh, NC)

  • UNC Asheville (Asheville, NC)

  • UNC-Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)

  • UNC Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)

  • UNC Greensboro (Greensboro, NC)

  • UNC Pembroke (Pembroke, NC)

  • UNC Wilmington (Wilmington, NC)

  • UNC School of the Arts (Winston-Salem, NC)

  • Western Carolina University (Cullowhee, NC)

  • Winston-Salem State University (Winston-Salem, NC)

  • North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (Durham, NC)

Award Components

First preference shall be given to those who are members of Fairview United Methodist Church, Mount Mourne, North Carolina.  Recipients of scholarships, or members of their immediate family, must have been members of Fairview for at least one year prior to their enrollment in college.  If there are no qualified applicants from Fairview (or, if in the judgment of the Scholarship Committee, additional applicants are needed to utilize available funds), consideration shall be given to applicants from Iredell and Mecklenburg Counties.  Recipients of scholarships from the Fund must also satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Be classified (accepted to enter) an undergraduate student or presently an undergraduate student in one of the colleges outlined above.

  2. Have grades acceptable to their enrollment or continuation in college.  Primary consideration should be given to the applicants of high moral character and demonstrated financial need.

Number of Awards

One or more scholarships shall be awarded each year, subject to the availability of funds, to the person(s) selected by the Scholarship Committee of Fairview United Methodist Church, Mount Mourne, North Carolina.   

Duration of Awards

Scholarships are granted for one (1) year, but can be renewed for deserving students.   

Scholarship Committee

The Charge Conference of Fairview United Methodist shall elect annually a Chairperson and one other person to serve on the Scholarship Committee.  A third member of the Scholarship Committee shall be appointed by the Board of the United Methodist Foundation.  Under the guidelines listed above, they shall have sole responsibility to receive applications and make grants from income made available by the United Methodist Foundation.  In the event that this Committee is not named, or fails to carry out its functions for three straight years, Fairview Church having been properly notified, the Foundation is authorized to make grants from the Fund in a manner consistent with the original purposes of the Fund. 

Distribution of Scholarship Funds

Distribution checks for scholarships shall be made payable directly to the college or university and to the recipient, with the endorsement of both required.  Funds may be used for tuition or other expenses. 

Changes to Scholarship Guidelines

The Scholarship Committee, subject to final approval of the Board of the United Methodist Foundation, may make changes to the Scholarship Guidelines as may be in the best interest of the administration and the enhancement of the Fund so long as the basic purpose is not changed.

Recipient Responsibilities

The Scholarship Recipient shall maintain current contact information with Fair View United Methodist Church including: 

Name, Local Address, College/University Address, Local Telephone Number, Cell Number (where applicable), Local or College/University Email Address, Name of Director of Financial Aid for the college or university recipient attends, campus mailing address, campus telephone.

 Application Process

 Applicant must submit the following items

  1. Completed application form (if handwritten, please print legibly).

  2. Letter of application addressing reason(s) for applying for the scholarship.

  3. Two (2) character references in the form of a letter of recommendation (non-relative).

  4. A copy of most recent transcript with cumulative grade point average.

  5. A copy of the  Student Aid Report (SAR) from Free Application for Federal Student Aid/ (FAFSA).

  6. Personal Essay.  In 600 words or less explain your view of life and education.

  7. Agreement to appear before the Scholarship Committee for a personal interview.

 Application Deadline

To be determined by the Scholarship Committee

 Announcement of Scholarship Recipient(s)

To be determined by the Scholarship Committee

Special Provision 

Scholarship funds will be issued directly to the recipient’s campus and may not be used to pay back college loans of any kind.

Application Submission

Please submit completed application and accompanying information required to:

Fairview United Methodist Church Scholarship Committee

Fair View United Methodist Church

P.O. Box 27

Mt. Mourne, NC  28123

or email fvumc@windstream.net